Mentaly test in Enköping!


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Last Sunday five of the Hawkridged dogs from Haparanda and Umeå in the north to Stockholm in the south of Sweden met up in Enköping for the very exciting and fun mentaly test! Hexa, Humla, Haziba, Habanero and Herkules did very well and all of them were gun shot proof! Filippa from the F-litter was also mentaly tested and did very well!
One week earlier sister Hedda was mentaly tested in Mönsterås with nice results and also she was gun shot proof!
Thank you all for an unforgetable day in Enköping and special thanks to the best breeder ever, who made this possible for all of us and for very good food and cake!!!
all photos: Mikaela Hugo


Kul söndag i Enköping!
Både husse, matte och vovve tyckte det var roligt med MH-testet (vovve hade lite mardrömmar på natten...)!
Vilka fina hundar och syskon!
Tänk att vi har den vackraste och smaraste hundrasen!

Kram till er alla mina syskon i H-kullen!

Ps Fina bilder Mikaela!