Hugo the "Snowman"!!!


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In Umeå we have got a lot of snow this weekend and it is still snowing outside. I wonder when it will be enough...? Hugo is really enjoying himself in the snow diving, digging and running. Actualy he looks more like a retriver than a ridgeback in action. He has no trouble at all with all this snow at the ground or on himself. Tiger on the other hand feels the opposite way. He tries to keep as low profile as possible indoors hoping that I might forget to take him outside. Outside he looks very bothered and limps more or less all the time.Fortunately Hugo has a friend called Omar that gladly plays with him in the snow, while Tiger limps right behind me... Funny how different two dogs of the same breed can be!! =)/Lina
photos: Jenny Lundberg 


Vilka fina vinterbilder från norr!
Näääästan så att man blir sugen på att åka norr ut ;)

Pojkarna ser fina ut som vanligt! :)

Kramar från oss!

Härliga bilder på "snögubbarna" vi är allt lite avundsjuka här i storstan!