Djungelkatten has bred the no. 1 top show dog and no. 1 top show bitch in Sweden right now


The Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback club's list over the top show ridgebacks is called "Guldhundslistan" (Gold dog list). A dog can count the 7 best placements on official shows in Sweden and you gain points for every dog that that dog/bitch beats. The Guldhundslistan is seperated into two lists; best dog and best bitch. The dog, or bitch, that has most points at the end of the year is called "Guldhund" of the year. This was won by Ch Djungelkattens Acuteridged Aramis the last year, when he won with a very large margin.
Right now Aramis is in the lead of the dog list and is the overall leader as well. On top of the best bitch list we find our sweet girl Ch Djungelkattens Zuluridged Zelda!
You can see the list in full on the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback club's homepage.


Sa kul att ta del av detta, nar vi sitter med fatet fullt med varldens basta ostron och kall Guiness...
Heja Zelda & Aramis!