Christmas greetings from Vulkano and Herkules!


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Me togheter with my dogs Vulkano and Herkules wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Lets hope next year will be as exciting and fun as this year has been! Hopefully also with lots of fun activities. Our little ‘H’ will hopefully have his show debut togheter with more of his siblings we hope =) and also he is going to try that black nose of his if it works properly in the woods when tracking elks!! Mr V himself has already know lots of work to do, keeping track of his little brother.... So I think that is something that he is going to keep up with next year, but also he is going to train his black nose in the woods, work on the obedience skills and maybe attend at some show!
See you all in 2009!
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De ser inte helt bekväma ut i sina tomtemössor... ;)

Men vad gör det, God Jul och Gott Nytt

Världens finaste små tomtenissar=) Tack för julkortet, å GOD JUL å GOTT NYTT