About us

Djungelkattens kennel had its first litter in 1987. The very first dog, IntUCH NordUCH Grindels Daimler, was born in 1979. Several dogs from Djungelkattens kennel belongs to the best showdogs in Scandinavia. Some dogs have been exported to other countries where some have become champions. Many dogs have been used by other kennels as a base for their breeding in Sweden and abroad.

Dogs from Djungelkattens kennel more than willingly devote their time to field-tracking, tracking, hunting, search, obedience, agility and much more.

We breed between one and two litters per year. You can see which litters are in the making under the menu item "Planned litters" (this page kan only be seen in the menu if we have litter plans)